We released Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 4.1 — many features has come back: ad-block, clearing browsing data and changing user agent

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Hello, this is Miyamoto, developer of Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad.

Today, we released Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 4.1.

This version has the features which had been disabled in version 4.0: ad-block, changing user agent and clearing browsing data. In addition, some reported issues were fixed.

Improved ad-block

In the previous version, ad-block removed advertisements after page loading was completed, so they were visible for a moment. But now, ad-block removes advertisements before they appear. This also makes page loading faster.

Clearing browsing data, changing user agent

Until now, you could clear only cache and cookie, but web sites saves various data on your device: IndexedDB, LocalStorage and so on. This version has the feature to clear all of these data.

The feature to change user agent is also available again. And each user agent was updated.

Other improvements

Including above, all of modifications is:

  • Enhanced ad-block to make page loading faster
  • Supported the feature to clear browsing data, such as cookies and caches
  • Supported the feature to change user agent
  • Fixed the issue of geolocation
  • Fixed the issue which occurred when your home page is blank
  • Fixed the issue that Sleipnir Mobile became slow when you load some pages at a time
  • Modified Hold And Go — now you can open multiple tabs more easily
  • Fixed the issue that there was some links you couldn’t use Hold And Go
  • Fixed the issue that unnecessary tab was created when you protect tabs
  • Fixed the issue of wrong screen orientation on iPad
  • Fixed the issue that bookmarklets didn’t work

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