Released FenrirFS 2.4.9!

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FenrirFS 2.4.9

Hello, This is Fukumitsu.

Today, we released FenrirFS 2.4.9 with some improvents and fixes.

Download FenrirFS 2.4.9
FenrirFS 2.4.9 Releasenote

Searching during kana-kanji conversion

Now you can see search results before you confirm kana-kanji conversion.


Serach by romaji in label in-place edit

Supported “migemo” (searching by romaji) on candidate list in label in-place edit area


Other improvements

We replaced twitter authorization method and fixed the issue of removing labels & smart folders by using right click menu.

About FenrirFS

FenrirFS is a software to manage files with labels.

You can organize files on desktop and search/view files in My Documents/My Pictures by changing profile.

Also, FenrirFS supported three display modes, enable you to preivew images and documents.

Find out how to use FenrirFS (web search)

FenrirFS category (Fenrir developers blog)

Try and enjoy FenrirFS now!

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