Released SnapCrab for Windows 1.1.2!

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Hello, this is Fukumitsu a developer of SnapCrab.

Today, we released SnapCrab for Windows 1.1.2, which contains fixture of the issue that wrong area could have been captured in some environment.

Download SnapCrab for Windows 1.1.2
Download SnapCrab for IE 2.0.7

Fixed the issue that wrong area could have been captured in some environment

Recently, many laptop and tablet PC are configured to show items larger by default. It suites high DPI environment, but with this configuration, SnapCrab for Windows could not capture well.

SnapCrab for Windows 1.1.2 can capture well on any display scaling settings by supporting high DPI.


SnapCrab for IE improvements

We also updated SnapCrab for IE (plugin version). On this version we have fixed the issue that whole web page capture had failed in Windows 8.1.

Release note

Please check the release note for the rest of modifications.

SnapCrab for Windows 1.1.2 Releasenote
SnapCrab for IE 2.0.7 Releasenote

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