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Released Sleipnir 6 for Windows (6.1)!

Hello, this is Nishida. Today, we are happy to announce Sleipnir 6 for Windows(6.1), which has newer Blink rendering engine and many improvements. Download Sleipnir 6 for Windows

New feature “FavTab” allows quick navigation, even if 100 tabs are open! Released Sleipnir 6 for Windows

Hello, this is Matsuno, the UI designer. Today, we are pleased to announce the release of Sleipnir 6 for Windows. This release is a major update. We have added the new “FavTab” feature, which allows the user to go directly to whichever tab they are looking for even with 100 tabs open. This feature allows you to find the tabs you frequently look at instantly, even while browsing with many tabs open. Sites you plan on looking at again can be used easily without closing them, so the process of gathering information is faster. Also, because this feature uses tabs instead of bookmarks, you don’t have to worry about forgetting […]

Released Sleipnir 5 for Windows(5.2) / Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.3.6)!

Hello, it’s Nishida. Today, we have released Sleipnir 5 for Windows (5.2) with SuperDrag Extension (SDE) support. Download Sleipnir 5 for Windows web browser “5” ships with SDE at last!

Find tabs without scrolling, even if 100 tabs are open! Released Sleipnir 5 for Windows (5.1) and Sleipnir 4 for Mac (4.5)

Hello, I’m Matsuno, UI designer. Today, we have released the latest version of the state-of-the-art Web browser Sleipnir, Sleipnir 5 for Windows (5.1) and Sleipnir 4 for Mac (4.5) at the same time. In this version, tabs can be quickly found on the toolbar, even if 100 tabs are open.Moreover, without scrolling! Sleipnir’s original advanced tab operation “Thumb-roll” enables usable size and quick navigation to every tab at the same time. ・Download Sleipnir (Windows / Mac) How comes this possible at all? I’ll explain you in the continuation, so please take a look.

Released Sleipnir 5 for Windows with the latest Blink engine

Today, we have released Sleipnir 5 for Windows(5.0.2). The Blink rendering engine has been updated to Chrome/31.0.1650.63 on Sleipnir 5 for Windows. Download Sleipnir 5 for Windows Web Browser SNS links Wr’re tweeting about latest Fenrir product informations on our official Twitter acccount. Please follow us to stay informed! Follow @fenrir_official

Sleipnir 5 for Windows (5.0.1) released!

Have you already tried out Sleipnir 5, the state-of-the-art design browser with beautiful text rendering? I’d like to announce that we have released an update for Sleipnir 5 today. In the latest version 5.0.1, Blink engine is updated to version 31.0.1650.57. Some bugs are also fixed. ・Download Sleipnir 5

The luxury, advanced Web browser drawing text beautifully like professional tools on PC too – Sleipnir 5, released today!

  Hello to all you Windows users! Today, I’d like to notify you about an update. Yes, let me introduce to you Sleipnir 5! Sleipnir 5 isn’t just something with that innovative design, it’s the luxury advanced Web browser with even displayed pages being beautiful. All the text you see on the Web from now is made beautiful and easy to read. When browsing the Web everyday, the thing that meets your eye the most is probably text.  Through repeated unique adjustments to the font rendering, Sleipnir 5 draws beautiful, easy-to-read text on par with professional graphics tools. With the appearance of this Sleipnir 5, the jagged text of the […]