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This is the help section of the developer’s blog for Sleipnir for Windows.
Sleipnir 3 for Windows has recently changed to the new Sleipnir 4 for Windows.
A lot of help comes from Sleipnir 3 articles, but they mostly still apply to the latest version of Sleipnir 4.
If you do notice any problems in support topics, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we will be very grateful and will makes any necessary updates. Thank you.

In this post you can find regularly updated information about how to use Sleipnir for Windows, including guides, tips and video tutorials.
You can also find the FAQ below with solutions at the bottom of this page. Please also feel free to leave comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page!

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Sleipnir 4 for Windows Web browser FAQ and answers

There is a detailed FAQ list regarding Fenrir Inc. products located at:

However, more detailed help has been provided in the FAQ below:

If there is anything you want us to add, or want to request any features, please feel free to do so in the comments box or in our social media accounts.

How do I changed the default search engine?

There is currently no official way to change the default search engine.
However, it currently can be changed from the .ini file. (May change in the future.)

Locate and open the file below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Fenrir Inc\Sleipnir\users\[username]\setting\client\user.ini 

Find the following code below and change “SleipnirSearch” to any name listed in the list of action names found in the file below(May change depending on your language.):



List of actions file:


How do I restore bookmark and tab backups?

Tab backups are saved every 10 minutes. 
Bookmark backups are stored by day and are updated when bookmarks are edited or the application is closed.

They can be restored from  File menu -> Restore Data…

How do I set Sleipnir as the default Web browser?

From Operating System

(Checked in Windows 7): Default programs can be set by going to Start>Default Programs>Set your default programs.

From this screen you can set the defaults for the program of your choice. First select Sleipnir and click choose defaults for this program, and then select all the check boxes. The most important to check are html, url, http and https if you wish to use Sleipnir as your default program.

From Sleipnir

Go to Tools > Customize > Start/Home > Start up > Set as default browser.

How do I use Roboform when using the WebKit/Blink engine?

After adding WebKit as the default rendering engine, the full Roboform plug-in could not be used as standard, but a fix has been posted at the link below:

It is also possible to use the Roboform Lite Chrome Extension:

[Other] I can not copy from the address bar or search bar, and then paste.
Please delete the action assignments for “Cut”, “Paste”, “Copy” in [Customize] > [Keyboard] > [Shortcut key settings].

[Other] I heard there is no support for Youtube
Youtube is not supported for Internet Explorer 6. Please use Internet Explorer 7 or a later version.

[Function] I want to modify the mouse assignments
There is currently no function to modify the mouse assignments.

[Function] I want to modify the mouse assignments
There is currently no function to modify the mouse assignments.

[Function] I want to perform the same security switching that was available in Sleipnir 2
Please display the status bar: [View] > [Status bar] > [Status bar]. You can switch by clicking the [Default mode] button of the status bar.

[Function] I want support for Gecko
Gecko was previously supported. However, currently, Gecko is not being supported. If you do want Gecko support, please let us know.

[Function] I want to add a search engine
Support is available for OpenSearch. Please click the [downwards arrow] located at the right edge of the search bar, and then click [Add search engine].

[Function] I do not want to restore the previous state when restarting Sleipnir
Please edit the settings in [Customize] > [Client] > [Tab] > [Restore tabs].

[Function] I want links opened in new tabs to open in the background. (Set as not active)
Please remove the check from [Customize] > [Client] > [Tab] > [Tab] > [Activate new tabs].

[Function] I want links opened in new tabs to be set as active
Please insert a check into [Customize] > [Client] > [Tab] > [Tab] > [Activate new tabs].

[Function] Even if I lock a tab, I can still navigate with it
[Tab lock] is a function to prevent accidently closing tabs. To prevent navigating from locked tabs, insert a check into [Customize] > [Tab] > [Tab] > [Lock protected tab navigation].

[Function] There is no navigation lock
[Tab lock] is a function to prevent accidently closing tabs. To prevent navigating from locked tabs, insert a check into [Customize] > [Tab] > [Tab] > [Lock protected tab navigation].

[Bookmarks] Where are bookmarks saved?
Bookmarks are saved in the bookmarks file below. 
Bookmark file 
C:/Users/<User Name>/AppData/Roaming/Fenrir Inc/Sleipnir/setting/client/favorite3.json 
Bookmark file back up 
C:/Users/<User Name>/AppData/Roaming/Fenrir Inc/Sleipnir/setting/client/backup/favorite3_YYMMDD.json (Saved by date in the format YYMMDD.)
[Bookmarks] I can not sync bookmarks with FenrirPass 
A maximum of 3000 bookmarks can be synchronized using FenrirPass. Please keep the total number of bookmarks under 3000.
[Bookmarks] I want to restore my previous bookmarks 
You can restore your previous bookmarks using the following process. 1. Terminate Sleipnir 3. 2. Change the name of the folder below, and save your Sleipnir bookmarks on FenrirFS. Target folder (Sleipnir bookmarks) C:\Users\{user name}\FenrirFS Storage\Sleipnir bookmarks.profile 
Modification example C:\Users\{user name}\FenrirFS Storage\Sleipnir bookmarks.profile.old 
3. Change the name of the folder below, and save your current Sleipnir 3 bookmarks Target(Sleipnir bookmark file) C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Fenrir Inc\Sleipnir\setting\client\favorite3.json C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Fenrir Inc\Sleipnir\setting\client\favorite3_base.json 
Modification example C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Fenrir Inc\Sleipnir\setting\client\favorite3.json.old C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Fenrir Inc\Sleipnir\setting\client\favorite3_base.json.old 
4. Copy the file below, and save the back-up Sleipnir 3 bookmarks file as a bookmark file. Copy location(Sleipnir bookmarks back-up file) C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Fenrir Inc\Sleipnir\setting\client\backup\favorite3_YYMMDD.json YYMMDD is the date of back-up. Restores the bookmarks of the date to the copied file. 
Copy destination C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Fenrir Inc\Sleipnir\setting\client\

[Bookmarks] I want to export my bookmarks
There is currently no function available to export bookmarks.

[Bookmarks] I want to import my bookmarks
Click [File] > [Import bookmarks]

How to import bookmarks in Sleipnir 3 (Fenrir inc. | Developers’ blog)
Even if I open the options only the menu is displayed 
This issue was fixed in Sleipnir 3.0.7. Please use Sleipnir 3.0.7 or any future releases.
Even though I have installed RoboForm I can not use it 
You can enable it using the following process. 1. Open [Tools] > [Customize] 2. Click [Plugin] at the top 3. Select the [RoboForm tool bar], and click the [Enable] button at the right of the screen. 4. After that, close the customize screen by clicking OK. 5. Insert a check in [View] > [Tool bar] > [Roboform toolbar].

[Other] The menu bar is not displayed
Please try one of the following Hold down the Alt key Right-click caption, and click [Display menu bar] Click the button menu, and click [View] > [Tool bar] > [Menu Bar]

[Other] The menu button is not displayed
The menu button will only be displayed in the Aero mode of Windows Vista and later releases. It will not be displayed when using Windows XP or Aero mode is disabled.

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