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This is the help section of the developer’s blog for Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad.
In this post you can find regularly updated information about how to use Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad, including guides, tips and video tutorials.

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Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad Web browser guide

Sleipnir iPhone main screen

Sleipnir main page with settings at bottom of screen


Tab groups

goback Go back to the previous page.
goforward Go forward to the page you went back from.
options Open the options panel.
bookmarks Open the bookmarks and history screen.
tabgroups View opened tabs in tab groups.


Sleipnir iPhone options screen

Sleipnir options panel


Lock / Unlock portrait view
Full Screen


Transfer Locally
Search in page
Save this page to tab

settings Open the settings screen.
downloads View downloads.
lockdisplay Lock portait view or unlock for automatic transitions between landscape and portrait.
encoding Display pages using different language encoding.
fullscreen Enter full-screen mode.
twitter Share with intent using Twitter.
facebook Share to Facebook.
safari Open active page using Safari.
bookmark Bookmark the active page.
transfer Transfer page to nearby devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth(iOS devices only).
searchpage Search for text in active page.
savetotab Save active page to tab so you don’t accidently delete it.


Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad Help


Why do you go back to the previous page by swiping up and then left in Sleipnir for Android, but in the iOS version, you swipe up and then right?

Sleipnir for each platform have been designed to be best suited to the platform the app is being used on. In Android, it is common to go up and left to direct the Web browser to go back. In iOS software, it is typical to drag up and right to go back as if you are dragging the page to the right to go back to the previous page.

How do I exit full-screen mode in Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad?

You can exit full screen in the following ways:
1. Tap the current tab
2. Tap the icon at the top-right of the action panel

Why are passwords not automatically inserted from certain sites in Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad?

Passwords are automatically inputted based on the type of form used in web pages.

Hold and Go does not work when pages are loading. Can you change this?

This can not be changed due to the iOS usage agreement.

External Services:
The “External Services” option in the Settings screen modifies which external services are shown in the “options” screen.
Currently, Facebook, Twitter and Safari are available.
You can choose to show/hide and order the options individually.

Full Screen mode:
When in full screen mode you can display the full screen mode options by tapping on the screen in an area with no links. After tapping the screen, symbols to go back to the previous page and forward to the next page are displayed at the bottom-left of the screen, and a symbol for exiting full screen mode is displayed at the bottom-right of the screen.

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