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┬áThis is the help section of the developer’s blog for Sleipnir Mobile for Windows Phone.
In this post you can find regularly updated information about how to use Sleipnir Mobile for Windows Phone. Any frequently asked questions or help articles will be posted here. Please also feel free to leave comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Sleipnir Mobile for Windows Phone product page

sleipnir windows phone start up screen

Sleipnir start up screen

sleipnir windows phone sleipnirstart page

Sleipnirstart view


Footer options:

The five symbols displayed at the bottom of the picture above have the following functions(from left to right):

Bookmark – Adds Bookmarks

Reload – Refreshed the page

Maximize – Enters full screen mode

Share Link – Post to Windows Live

Options – Go to the options screen

sleipnir windows phone options panel

Sleipnir Options panel


The 3 options of the options panel displayed above has the following functions:

Goforward – Go to the next page
Bookmark – Add a bookmark
Settings – Go to the settings area

sleipnir windows phone settings

Sleipnir settings page

Settings area:

The functions for the options in the settings area are displayed below, page by page:


Automatic removal of th
Delete all tab’s
Pin to start folder

Gesture settings
Delete a current tab

Swipe page
Create a new tab with hold


Fenrir Pass

Auto Sync Setting
Auto Sync
Wi-Fi only


Allow access to my location
Delete history


Privacy Policy
Licensing Terms
Third Part Licenses

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