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Released Sleipnir 4 for Windows

It’s Nishida. Today, we have released Sleipnir 4 for Windows(4.3.5) with updated Blink engine. Download Sleipnir 4 (Click to start download) Zip version Improvements

Sleipnir 4 for Windows released

Hello, I’m Ueda from the Windows development group. Today, we have released Sleipnir 4 for Windows(4.3.4). This update will fix the issue that Sleipnir’s process may not quit on application quit. Download Sleipnir 4 (Click to start download) Zip version SNS links We’re tweeting about latest Fenrir product informations on our official Twitter acccount. Please follow us to stay informed! Follow @fenrir_official

Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.3.3) released!

Today, we have released Sleipnir 4.3.3 with some improvements and new Blink engine. ・Download Sleipnir 4 for Windows web browser * If you click the link, the download will begin.

Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.3.2) released ~ Tab groups better than ever

Today, Sleipnir 4.3.2 with even easier to use tab groups has been released. ・Install Sleipnir 4 for Windows Tab groups are automatically bound by search keywords Search result tab groups can be made for each searched keywords. Up until now , a number of search result tabs would build up in a search results group, but now, search results are split into separate search result tab groups by the search keywords making it a lot harder for tabs within search result groups to get messy.

Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.3.1) released

Today, version 4.3 of Sleipnir for Windows was released. In Sleipnir 4.3.1 we have taken measures against the “Application not responding for certain sites in IE10 mode” issue . ・Install Sleipnir 4 for Windows

Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.1.3) released

Today, we released Sleipnir 4.1.3 In Sleipnir 4.1.3, we made one of the SuperDrag Extensions called SuperView more powerful. One of the improvements we made is setting a system so that processes are split up to resolve memory shortage issues, and the other is the long requested multiple running of SuperView. ・Install Sleipnir 4 for Windows

Try out the Blink engine! We have released Sleipnir 4 for Windows (Blink Engine Preview Build) exclusively on the blog!

We are conducting a joint survey and test to decide whether to implement into Sleipnir 4 for Windows the Blink engine which is currently scheduled to be added to Chromium project.Today, we have released the Sleipnir 4 for Windows (Blink Engine Preview Build) so that users can test out a product as soon as possible to arrive at a decision on whether to implement the Blink engine in Sleipnir 4 for Windows or not. This release is of a quality that can be used normally, but as there are a few caution points, please make sure to check them first, and then try out the Blink engine supported version of […]

Mouse operations not working and Sleipnir not starting up issue fixed: Sleipnir 4 for Windows(4.1.2) released

Some users reported a few issues in response to Sleipnir 4.1.1 released yesterday. Included in those issues were some that are very urgent such as mouse click operations not working and Sleipnir not starting up so we released Sleipnir 4.1.2 with fixes to these. The fix issues details are as below. [Fixed Issues]- Application freezing when using mouse operations in certain environments fixed- Sleipnir not starting up in certain environment fixed- Scrolling using the mouse wheel in certain environments not working fixed ・Install Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.1.2) Thank you to everybody who reported these issues and helped us find the causes. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has […]

Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.1.1) released

Today, Sleipnir 4.1.1 was released. In Sleipnir 4.1.1 we mainly overlooked mouse and keyboard related processing that was requested by many users, and made modifications so that you can use them with more Sleipnir-like mouse and keyboard touch operations. ・Install Sleipnir 4 for Window

Sleipnir 4 for Windows 4.0.1 released

Today, Sleipnir 4.0.1 and Sleipnir 2.9.16 were released. In Sleipnir 4.0.1, we have fixed reported issues since the last release and reported bugs that we have been able to reproduce here.・Install Sleipnir 4 for Windows In Sleipnir 2.9.16, we have made minor adjustments regarding the Sleipnir actions becoming unstable and freezing issue occurring when memory usage increases, and we have also set counter-measures for dealing with a freeze error on certain pages(Sankei MSN) when Internet Explorer is installed. ・Install Sleipnir 2 for Windows

Sleipnir 4 for Windows 4.0. released

Sleipnir 4 for Windows has just been released! This release has not been like normal, but today is the official release of the true Sleipnir 4 (4.0.0) Web browser. Since releasing Technology & Design Build ~ Final Build, not only from Sleipnir 2 users, but also users switching from Sleipnir 1 and other browsers are also showing high praise. So, We would love for users using older versions and users who moved to other browsers to try out this latest version. ・Download Sleipnir 4 for Windows